High-quality screening and diagnostic equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists and occupational physicians.


High-quality screening and diagnostic equipment

Since 1895, we are the global partner for ophthalmologists, optometrists and occupational physicians.
For this clearly defined group of users, we develop and produce first-class instruments for ophthalmic diagnostics.
The measure of all things are the high requirements of our customers and the continuous development of technologies.
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Pentacam® HR

Optimized optics and brilliant image quality

The resolution of its images is five times that of the Pentacam® models, enabling the Pentacam® HR to deliver impressive representations of IOLs and phakic IOLs.

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Keratograph® 5M

The Gold Standard in Corneal Topography & Keratometry

Perform dry eye diagnostics, contact lens fitting, and corneal irregularity screening with this multi-purpose topographer that includes a built-in real keratometer and color camera optimized for external imaging.


The Gold Standard in anterior eye segment tomography

The Pentacam® provides you with an overall view of the anterior eye segment in a matter of seconds.

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Pentacam® AXL

A real all-rounder

Within a mere 2 seconds the Pentacam® AXL supplies you with precise diagnostic data on the entire anterior eye segment.

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Pentacam® AXL Wave

The Next Generation

The Pentacam® AXL Wave is the best and most time-saving solution available, providing new perspectives you’ve never seen before!

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IPL & RF Treatment Device

Treat patients of all skin types year-round with this customizable multi-modality workstation.

Easyfield VR™

Mobile Visual Field Analyzer & Vision Tester

Advanced VR technology, sensitive fixation tracking, and audio-guided exams are combined in this visual testing device that reduces technician time and improves practice flow.

Myopia Master®

The Diagnostic Solution for Your Myopia Management Practice

The comprehensive myopia measurement tool: Combining an autorefractor, axial length measurement, and a keratometer in one device.


Professional Intense Pulse Light Treatment Device

Target multiple patient conditions and offer symptom relief with safe, effective, and comfortable IPL treatments.


Smallest Full-Fledged Perimeter on the Market

Enjoy combined visual field screening and comprehensive perimetry in one compact, lightweight device with an enclosed bowl design that enables practices to conduct exams in a lit room.

Binoptometer® 4P

A Superlative Vision-Screening Instrument

The Binoptometer® 4P is a professional screening instrument for testing all relevant visual functions. The used future-oriented technology allows an almost unlimited representation of various vision tests.

Corvis® STL

Visualization of Deformation Response, Tonometry, and Pachymetry

Use the revolutionary corneal visualization Scheimpflug technology to record the cornea’s reaction to a defined air pulse and precisely measure IOP and corneal thickness.

Universal Trial Frame UB 6

Perfect Refraction

The trial frame is one of the tools off the trade for every refraction professional.

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