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Myopia Master®

The Diagnostic Solution for Your Myopia Management Practice

  • Comprehensive, fast, non-contact measurements
  • Patient data analysis and progression tracking software
  • Customized myopia reports to educate and convert parents
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The OCULUS Myopia Master® the All-in-One Device to Measure and Manage Myopia

Start streamlining consultations and practice flow, boosting parent buy-in, and improving myopic patient outcomes today.

OCULUS Myopia Master®

The Comprehensive Myopia Measurement Tool: Combining an Autorefractor, Axial Length Measurement, and a Keratometer in One Device

Refraction, axial length, and keratometry are the main measurements required for professional myopia management, but only in combination do they allow for individualized treatment and counseling.

Grafische Darstellung der Refraktion


A commonly used method for measuring myopia is by refraction. However, day-to-day measurement variability and the need to be able to perform refractions in children with induced cycloplegia require additional parameters for professional myopia management.
Grafische Darstellung der Achslängenmessung

Axial length

Axial length measurement is the gold standard for myopia management. The axial length of the eye can be measured accurately and independently of accommodation. Progression in axial length is a reliable indicator of progression in myopia.
Grafische Darstellung der Keratometrie


The central corneal radii, as the primary refractive component of the eye, can be automatically measured and clearly displayed. The reliability of each measurement is shown by the quality specification.

All You Need in 7 Steps
for Your Myopia Management Clinic

1. Measurement
2. Data Analysis
3. Questionnaire
4. Patient Education
5. Treatment Options
6. Take-home Report
7. Follow-up
The Myopia Master® helps eye care practitioners and their patients at each stage of the myopia managment process, providing all you need in seven steps.
Refraction, axial length, and keratometry are the main measurements required for professional myopia management. The accurate, contactless measurement process with the Myopia Master® usually takes less than 2 minutes.
Easily visualize and compare a patient’s data against ethnicity and gender-dependent growth curves calculated from 20,000+ eyes and parameter interpretation algorithms from BHVI.
The Myopia Master® software provides a default questionnaire addressing the most important risk factors. Further risk factors can be added and customized using the Question Kit.

All information is based on peer-reviewed papers.

The Myopia Master® software assists the practitioner in educating children and their parents. The near-work calculator is a very helpful gadget for computing the near-work risk factor.

Near-work duration alone already provides a good estimate, which can then be narrowed down with further input.

The eye care practitioner selects the treatment recommendations based on the output of the data evaluation and questionnaire. The clinician can customize the recommended treatment regime by simply checking the boxes.
The Myopia Report for parents includes all results and the clinician’s recommendations. It also helps with reading and understanding the scientific background and importance of myopia management. The report can be printed or sent by email directly from the Myopia Master® software.
Regular follow-up examinations are crucial to monitor the patient’s myopic status. The Myopia Master® software enables you to monitor axial length over time thus performing a trend analysis and determining the most effective treatment for the patient.
 1. Measurement 2. Data Analysis 3. Questionnaire 4. Patient Education 5. Treatment Options 6. Take-home Report 7. Follow-up



New GRAS Module:
Comparison with the Gullstrand eye

Never has the interpretation of measurement results been as easy and reliable as with the new Myopia Master®. All individually measured refractive components of the eye are automatically matched with the Gullstrand standard eye model. This way you can always take your bearings by the gold standard. Not only does this save you time, it also provides an ideal basis for explaining the results to your patients.

Best of all, OCULUS has introduced patient age as an additional variable, further improving reliability.

The Gullstrand Refractive Analysis System or GRAS for short, is a refraction-analysis module that is optionally available with the Myopia Master®.

GRAS Module

Articles on The Myopia Master® in Clinical Use

The Right Technology Can Help Build Specialty Services

The Right Technology Can Help Build Specialty Services

David Kading, OD, FAAO
Cheryl Chapman, OD, IACMM, FIAOMC, FAAO

Myopia patient care comes into its own

Myopia patient care comes into its own

Jason G. Jedlicka, OD

Learn How Myopia Experts Use The Myopia Master®
to Benefit Their Practice and Patients

Watch our educational webcasts with specialists to learn from their expertise on how to use the Myopia Master® as a tool to enhance your myopia management within your practice.

The Business of Myopia Management and OrthoK

Nicholas Despotidis, OD, FAAO, FCOVD, FAAOMC

Expert Insights into Myopia Management

Mark Bullimore, O.D. Cary Herzberg, O.D. Langis Michaud, O.D.

Expert Insights into Myopia Master®, Part 2

Mark Bullimore, Ph.D., Cary Herzberg, O.D., Langis Michaud, O.D.

How to Use Axial Length for Your Myopic Patients

David Kading, O.D., Jason Jedlicka, O.D. and Andrew Morgenstern, O.D.


Cooperation between OCULUS and IMI

Partnership between OCULUS and IMI

OCULUS has joined the International Myopia Institute (IMI) in tackling myopia awareness and will support the IMI activities to advance the research of myopia to prevent future vision impairment and blindness.

The IMI is a global group of experts who have come together to discuss, debate, and make available the latest evidence-based recommendations in classifications, patient management, and research, in the form of the IMI-Whitepapers, in up to twelve international languages.

CEOs Kate and Paul Gifford of Myopia Profile and CEOs Christian and Rainer Kirchhübel of OCULUS.

Partnership between OCULUS and Myopia Profile

OCULUS and Myopia Profile, the world’s largest and most popular myopia educational platform, have commenced a partnership to increase eye care practitioners’ knowledge and clinical confidence in measurement and interpretation of axial length in myopia. Specific educational content, research summaries and case studies have been developed, which can be viewed on


Partnership between OCULUS and BHVI

OCULUS and BHVI (Brien Holden Vision Institute) are pleased to announce an agreement that will see OCULUS incorporate BHVI’s algorithms for tracking and estimating refractive error into its Myopia Master® ophthalmic instruments. Learn more about BHVI’s research:,

Technical Data

Axial length

Measuring range 14 – 40 mm
Technical specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H) 266 x 538 x 493–523 mm (10.5 x 21.2 x 19.4 – 20.6 in)
Weight approx. 12 kg (26.5 lbs)
Voltage 80 – 264 V AC
Frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Interface USB
Recommended computer specifications Intel® Core™ i5, 500 GB HDD, 8 GB RAM, Windows® 10, Intel® HD Graphics

Corneal vertex distance (CVD) 0; 10.5; 12; 13.75; 15; 16.5 mm
Sphere -20 – +22 D (CVD = 12 mm)
Cylinder 10 D (CDV = 12 mm)
Axis 0° to 180° (in 1° increments)
Minimum measurable pupil diameter 2.5 mm
Fixation target Hot air balloon over a landscape

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