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Ocular Diagnostics with OCULUS - Safeguarding eye health through early detection. With the Keratograph® 5M for example. The Keratograph® 5M helps eye care professionals in accurately diagnosing the dry eye syndrome and documenting the findings.

Ocular Diagnostics with OCULUS

Safeguarding eye health through early detection

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OCULUS-quality ocular diagnostics:
Made in Germany, in demand worldwide

OCULUS has been setting the standard in eye health since 1895. With our high-precision ocular diagnostics instruments, we have partnered with ophthalmologists and optometrists for 125 years.

We conduct continuous scientific research to constantly improve our products. Because we firmly believe that every single eye deserves nothing but the best: OCULUS quality, made in Germany.

Ocular Diagnostics with the Universal Trial Frame UB 6 from OCULUS
OCULUS Universal Trial Frame UB 6

High precision ocular diagnostics for your patients and clients

For ophthalmologists and optometrists like you, the right diagnosis is essential: you need exact measurement results  to best advise your patients. This requires precision instruments that offer you the best possible measurement data. What you need is a partner on the cutting edge, developing tomorrow’s ocular diagnostic instruments today: OCULUS!

In addition to the best in tools, reliable service is equally important to keep your daily practice running smoothly. For this reason, we offer you not only cutting-edge diagnostic tools that allow you to detect diseases early and initiate optimal treatment and continuing therapy for your ophthalmic patients. We also provide excellent service, freeing you up to properly attend to your patients and clients in all areas.

In short, if you want high-tech ocular diagnostics and optimal customer service, you need the OCULUS family of innovative ocular diagnostic products.

Your direct contact

Tel. + 1425 670-9977
Fax +1 425 670-0742

Business hours:
Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (EST)

Ocular Diagnostics products made by OCULUS Optikgeräte GmbH: main building in Wetzlar, Germany

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We support you in making ocular diagnosis with:

  • precise diagnostic instruments for eye health
  • superior measurement and analysis procedures
  • simple and clear training
  • quick and reliable service
  • and with constant information updates

OCULUS is all of this, and more!

Instantly detect abnormalities

A complete examination of the anterior section of the eye in two seconds is only one of the advantages of the Pentacam® that have made it the first choice for ophthalmologists worldwide. Pentacam® also measures elevation data in addition to the curvature data measured by other standard topography systems. This ensures certainty in early keratoconus detection, for example.

Learn more about Pentacam®Pentacam® HR und Pentacam® AXL ...

Ocular Diagnostics with the OCULUS Keratograph® 5M - The multi-purpose topographer has become an integral part of the ophthalmological and optometric practice
OCULUS Keratograph® 5M

Perfectly customize contact lenses and analyze tear film

With the Keratograph® 5M, you can measure the surface of the cornea. Both its topography and its tear film analysis make the Keratograph irreplaceable for customizing contact lenses and dry eye consultations.

Dependability built on 10 years of development

Read all about the OCULUS Keratograph® here. ...

Ocular Diagnostics with the OCULUS Pentacam® HR - The Gold Standard for Anterior Segment Tomography
OCULUS Pentacam® HR

Fully-fledged compact perimeter for automated standard perimetry of the central visual field

The OCULUS Easyfield® was designed for combined use as a screening tool with full perimetric capabilities for immediate follow-up examinations of irregular findings. Full compliance with the Goldmann standards recommends the Easyfield® for all common central visual field examinations, up to 30°. Thanks to its very compact dimensions, you can use the Easyfield® almost anywhere.

Learn more about the Easyfield® C here. ...

Ocular Diagnostics with the OCULUS Easyfield® C - A full-fledged compact perimeter capable of performing standard automated perimetry of the
OCULUS Easyfield® C

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