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Universal Trial Frame UB 5

A universal trial frame for small heads and children

  • Space for a total of 10 tls trial lenses of 28 mm diameter
  • PD range from 40 – 72 mm
  • Adjustable temple tilt and length
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Small but mighty!

Our small trial frame, especially made for small heads! With its leight weight, the large contact surfaces and the resulting optimal weight distribution, it is also great for patients with small heads. The PD is adjustable from 40 to 72 mm. A total of 10 measuring glasses with an outer diameter of 28 mm fit into the UB 5.

OCULUS Universal Trial Frame UB 5


  • Easy trial lens insertion
  • Nose bridge adjustment with locking mechanism
  • User-friendly controls in soft design
  • With coloured operating elements to encourage children’s acceptance


  • Low weight for greater wearing comfort
  • Good distance between operating controls and the patient’s face
  • Minimal pressure thanks to large rests and optimal weight distribution
  • Flexible ear pieces
  • Closed frame temple design prevents hair from getting caught
  • Newly developed, soft nose rest (included)


  • Slip-on linear polarizing filter (45°/135°),
    reversible (V-/A position), pivotable and reversible
  • Slip-on linear polarizing filter (45°/135° and 90°/180°),
    pivotable and reversible
  • Adaptation for various nose rests
  • Trial lens cases BK S line for UB 5


OCULUS Universal Trial Frame UB 5

Trial lenses according to DIN EN ISO 9801 with a rim diameter of 28 mm (lens diameter 21 mm), such as the OCULUS trial lens “tls” (trial lens small), are compatible with the UB 5.

Trial Frame TLS


Set of blue knobs

1 set of blue knobs (5 pieces)

Set of colored knobs

1 set of colored knobs (5 pieces)

Polarizing filter linear for UB 5 (45°/135°)

Pivotable and rotatable (V-/A position), large viewing area for
distance and near vision, click into place for height
adjustment for distance or near examination, full rim.

Polarizing filter linear for UB 5 (45°/135 and 90°/180°)

Pivotable and rotatable, large viewing area for distance and
near vision, semi-rimless, without midline partition.


Universal Trial Frames UB 3/UB 3+, UB 4 and UB 6 are all suitable for any trial lens conforming to DIN EN ISO 9801 and having a rim diameter of 38 mm, such as a OCULUS “tl” trial lens.
However, our Universal Trial Frame UB 5 for small heads requires trial lenses of the “tls” line with a diameter of 28 mm. These also conform to DIN EN ISO 9801 and are available nowhere in the world but from OCULUS.

The UB 5 was developed for small heads, which means that it will fit many adults as well, especially among the elderly. It has a PD range of 40-72 mm. In order to achieve such low PD values without changing the lens diameter (21 mm) it was necessary to reduce the rim diameter. That’s the simple idea behind the OCULUS UB 5: It’s ideally suited for small heads including those of children.

Yes, all spare parts are available. Please contact the distributor from whom you bought your trial frame.
Yes, all components of every one of our Universal Trial Frames are assembled manually with great precision. Here too, we stay true to our quality claim: Made in Germany – made by OCULUS.
Yes, polarizing filters are always optionally available. Those for the UB 6 have a clip for easy mounting, while those for the UB 4 and UB 5 are to be directly slipped onto the trial frame.
Polarizing filters with a clip as well as those of the slip-on type are for lateral mounting and can be easily flipped to the side when not needed.
On the UB 3/UB 3+ the polarizing filter has a central mount and can be simply removed after use. All linear polarizing filters are reversible.
Circular polarizing filters are available both with a clip and in a slip-on version.
There are also circular polarizing filters available in trial lens size for use in a slot of the rear lens holder if one should be free.
To mount the polarizing filter, insert the pin of the filter into the transverse borehole in the trial frame and push the pin in until it locks into the place the first time. This is the top position, and it is used for testing distance vision. To test near vision, push the polarizing filter all the way down until it locks into place in the bottom position. This procedure is also described in the instructions for use delivered with the polarizing filters.
If necessary we recommend cleaning your trial frames with a soft lint-free cloth only. To clean a heavily soiled trial frame you can use a damp cloth and a little household dishing-washing liquid. Never use alcohol, ether or similar solvents, let alone aggressive chlorinated, scouring or corrosive detergents.
For disinfection we recommend disinfection cloths such as Pursept®-A Xpress or Mikrozid® Sensitive Wipes from Schülke und Mayr GmbH. Please contact your OCULUS distributor so that they can order through OCULUS, or contact the source supplier directly:
The UB 5. Use the operating element (knob) to set the nose pad to the desired height, then pull the knob out slightly. This locks the nose pad at the set height.
The warranty period is one year from delivery, or from acceptance, if acceptance is required.
Universal Trial Frames UB 3+, UB 4, UB 5 and UB 6 are all delivered in a telescopic cardboard box.
This telescopic box has been designed so that it can be used for storing the trial frame in a drawer or together with the refraction unit. It is lined with hard-wearing PE foam to protect the trial frame.
Yes. None of the OCULUS Universal Trial Frames contains latex.
UB 3/UB 3+, UB 4 and UB 5: Three slots in the front lens holder and two in the rear lens holder on either side ⇒ 10 slots altogether.
UB 6: Four slots in the front and two in the rear lens holder on either side ⇒ 12 slots altogether.
Yes, provided that the UB 4 has round operating elements only. They do not fit on older UB 4 models that have conical operating elements for adjusting pupillary distance.
UB 6: four nose pads in total
UB 5: three nose pads in total
UB 4: three nose pads in total
UB 3+: two nose pads in total
UB 6: approx. 61 g
UB 5: approx. 48 g
UB 4: approx. 64 g
UB 3: approx. 58 g
UB 3+: approx. 52 g (10 % lighter than the UB 3)
note: specifications are subject to change!
The transparent sighting bar has one scale on its surface and one inside. Take your VD reading when you see the two scales in alignment. The millimetre values on the scale refer to the eye-side vertex of a trial lens located in the first slot of the rear lens holder (next to the trial frame body).
DIN EN ISO 1366 defines VD as follows: absolute value of the distance between the rear surface of the spectacle lens and the corneal apex measured along the line of sight, i.e. orthogonally to the plane of the rim.
The measurement should be taken with the reference lens in the first slot of the rear lens holder (next to the trial frame body).

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