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Easyfield VR™

Mobile Visual Field Analyzer & Vision Tester

  • Using VR Technology for Advanced Vision Testing
  • Optimise Practice Flow and Reduce Technician Time
  • Frequency Doubling Perimetry Now Available
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Easyfield VR™

Improve practice flow and reduce technician time with this next-generation perimetry device, capable of visual field screenings, visual threshold exams, color vision, contrast sensitivity, and stereo vision testing.

Benefits for Your Practice and Your Patients

Practice Benefits:

  • No darkroom or Internet connection required
  • Expedites visual field testing and scheduling
  • Faster workflow for significant time and cost savings
  • Reduces technicians’ time spent testing patients
  • Staff can start and monitor exams on a Surface Pro Tablet
  • Records results in OCULUS Patient Data Management software
  • Reliable results due to sensitive fixation monitoring

Patient Benefits:

  • Lightweight and comfortable for patients of all ages
  • Fast testing with reduced patient fatigue
  • Easy device sanitation between exams
  • Reduces delays in appointment scheduling caused by limited perimeter availability
  • English & Spanish audio support

Now Available with Frequency Doubling Perimetry!

Detect visual field defects earlier with high sensitivity and precision with Frequency Doubling Perimetry. The early identification and assessment of the severity and stage of visual field loss enables more timely intervention, preserving vision and quality of life.

OCULUS Easyfield VR™

Advanced Vision Testing Using VR Technology and Audio Support

OCULUS Easyfield VR™

The Easyfield VR™ Headset fits every patient and can easily be cleaned with sterile wipes.

OCULUS Easyfield VR™ Joysticks

The hand controllers are used by the patient during the examination. Patients can use either hand for feedback.

OCULUS Easyfield VR™ Tablet

Eye care professionals can comfortably start and monitor the examination process by using the tablet.

The cutting-edge virtual reality technology of the Easyfield VR™ allows you to perform vision tests in a variety of settings and considerably improves your patient flow. The lightweight and cushioned headset will skyrocket the acceptance of visual field screening among your patients, while combining it with tests for color or stereo vision. Reliable findings are ensured by the high accuracy eye tracker monitoring patient fixation. The results of the tests are recorded in the familiar environment of the OCULUS Patient Data Management.

The Easyfield VR™ Performs Vision Screening,
Visual Field Threshold Exams, and More

SMARTracker™ 2 Fixation Tracking technology monitors patient fixation for highly accurate, continuous eye tracking that ensures reproducible results for the following tests:

Vision Screening

  • Visual Fields – less than 1 minute per eye
    with the OCULUS Fast Screening
  • Color Vision
  • Stereo Testing
  • Contrast Sensitivity

Medical Testing

  • Threshold Visual Fields
    • 30-2 – less than 4 minutes per eye
    • 24-2 – less than 3 minutes per eye
    • 10-2 – less than 3 minutes per eye
  • Progression Analysis
  • Eye Tracking
  • Ptosis Visual Fields
  • Esterman Visual Fields
OCULUS Easyfield VR™

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