In celebration of OCULUS, Inc.’s 25 anniversary in the United States, CEO Michael Wolber sat down for a “What’s Your WhEYE?” interview with Optometry Times. During the conversation, Wolber touched on his engineering background and path to the eye care industry before he delved into OCULUS’s current ideology and the innovations ahead.

He emphasized that successfully leveraging diagnostics to drive the early intervention crucial for preserving vision hinges on proper patient education. This core tenant is central to the design of OCULUS technology and in the lifelong product support and training OCULUS provides, Wolber explained. It’s all with the goal of empowering clinicians to detect progressive conditions like myopia, dry eye, and keratoconus early, then leveraging key OCULUS software and visual aids to educate and convert patients.

Wolber also shared his excitement about industry partnerships designed to offer specialty contact lenses, custom contact lenses, and other solutions that propel patient outcomes to new heights, such as the DARWINTM IPL & RF treatment device.

Watch the full interview here: