Prevalence of Keratoconus Based on Scheimpflug Corneal Tomography Metrics in a Pediatric Population From a Chicago-Based School Age Vision Clinic

Esteemed authors include Harthan, Jennifer S. O.D.; Gelles, John D. O.D.; Block, Sandra S. O.D.; Tullo, William O.D.; Morgenstern, Andrew S. O.D.; Su, Becky O.D.; Chung, Daniel B.A.; Yu, Austin B.S.; Greenstein, Steven A. M.D.; Hersh, Peter S. M.D.; and Eiden, Steven Barry O.D.

This groundbreaking new study authored by some of the brightest in eye care determined that pediatric keratoconus prevalence is much higher than the scientific community previously reported. Through the use of Scheimpflug corneal tomography with the OCULUS Pentacam® HR, the participating eye care practitioners examined 2,007 children from ages 3 to 18. The study found six to have keratoconus, while three were keratoconus suspects, for a total prevalence of 1:223. Such findings indicate the necessity of including keratoconus screening as part of pediatric comprehensive eye exams to ensure the detection of the progressive disease at its earliest manifestation to preserve vision and quality of life.

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