At the helm of one of the largest practices in the country specializing in myopia management is Nicholas Despotidis, OD, who sat down with Review of Myopia Management to discuss the devices and software he champions as indispensable to his clinic.

“The Myopia Master®, like the Pentacam®, has been reliable, staff-friendly, and has allowed me to explain to parents what axial length is and whether I have it under control. I’ve invested in OCULUS’ products because I feel that they are the gold standard and that’s the standard I’ve set in my practice.”

Dr. Despotidis praises the OCULUS devices’ data accuracy, reproducibility, and ease of use. In particular, he values the Pentacam® topography and tomography scans for illuminating the full picture of a cornea’s health, and the Myopia Master® parent-friendly axial length growth curve chart and the patient report. Lastly, he leverages the Pentacam® scans to fully customize an ortho-k lens that optimally fits each patient using the WAVE Contact Lens System® software.
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