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New: OCULUS Pentacam® goes IOL

The new OCULUS Pentacam® AXL

The new Pentacam® AXL is more than just an optical biometer: it is two devices in one. The new device measures the anterior eye segment as well as axial length. Equipped with comprehensive Pentacam® HR basic software modules such as the unique Fast Screening Report and the valuable Cataract Pre-OP Display, the Pentacam® AXL is destined to become a vital tool for every surgeon who performs cataract or refractive surgery.

All data (for instance axial length, K values, anterior chamber depth, corneal diameter) are automatically transferred to the IOL calculation software. This rules out manual transcription errors. The IOL power calculator includes formulas for normal eyes (Haigis, SRK/T, Holladay1, Hoffer Q) as well as eyes after refractive surgery (PotvinShammasHill for post myopic LASIK and PotvinHill for post RK). The IOL power calculator for toric IOLs is based on meridional analysis using Total Corneal Refractive Power (TCRP), in which posterior corneal power is already considered. The built-in IOL database includes IOLs from many manufacturers.

As the axial length and the 3D scan are performed during the same measurement routine and on the same measurement axis, there is no need to relocate the patient. Measurements are performed in mere seconds, making the examination a breeze for both patient and examiner.

The new Pentacam® AXL is a symbiosis of the time-tested Pentacam® technology
with completely new, high-precision measurement along the visual axis. Contact-free
from the corneal surface to the retina.

Please check www.pentacam.com/us for more Details

Pending 510 (k) notification. Not available for sale in United States.

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