OCULUS Easyfield®

The OCULUS Easyfield® is the smallest full-fledged perimeter on the market. It is designed for use as a visual field screener and as a threshold perimeter for immediate re-examination of any abnormal findings. Ideal for all common examinations of the central visual field up to 30°. The Easyfield® C has an adjustable double chin rest and uses translucent eye shields for maximum patient comfort.

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OCULUS Test Strategies

As a screening unit, the Easyfield® perimeter generally uses threshold related suprathreshold examination strategies. These have the advantage of providing the examiner with a meaningful overview of the tested area despite the short examination time. Multiple test strategies are available for evaluating the accurate numeric values of the sensitivity thresholds. The OCULUS "Fast Threshold" reduces test duration by implementing clever improvements of the classic 4-2 step method. The CLIP strategy achieves a similar performance using a new type of stimulus presentation. The novel and unique SPARK strategy provides rapid and reproducible threshold measurements specifically developed for glaucoma patients.

Results Printout

The measuring results of the Easyfield® perimeter are summarized in a standard printout. For suprathreshold tests only a single informational overview is printed, whereas for threshold examinations all clinically relevant data is shown in distinct depictions.

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