Simplify Your Lens Fitting

With the OCULUS Pentacam®

The Pentacam® simplifies your specialty lens fitting process by providing true elevation data independent of the tear film. Take the guesswork out of your lens design by utilizing precise measurements of the cornea and sclera.

  • Save time
    when fitting scleral and Ortho-K lenses

  • Save money
    while ordering fewer lenses due to precise measurement process

  • Gain patient confidence
    while decreasing patient chair time

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OCULUS Pentacam® for efficient specialty lens fitting

Your new trial lens fitting set!

Bring efficiency to your specialty lens fitting! Order fewer lenses and decrease patient chair time while increasing the first fit success rate. The Pentacam® simplifies the fitting process by providing true elevation data independent of the tear film. Benefit further with direct links to advanced fitting and design software.

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OCULUS Keratograph® 5M

CSP Report

CSP Report

With the optional CSP Report, 250 Scheimpflug images covering a diameter of up to 18 mm provide an unprecedented amount of data to make you a scleral contact lens fitting pro. The CSP scan is a tear film independent measurement and does not require fluorescein dye. All images are taken in primary gaze, without the need to change fixation.

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The Pentacam® provides true elevation data that is independent of the tear film for enhanced fitting. Curvature and elevation difference maps allow you to monitor the fit and efficacy of your orthokeratology treatments.


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CSP Software case study
Kenneth Maller

By Kenneth Maller,

Description and case study highlighting the clinical application of the Pentacam® CSP Report from OCULUS.

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