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First stop for the OCULUS Roadshow in India was Delhi.
Still to come: Workshop in Bangalore on 12th December 2019
The workshop in Mumbai takes place on 22nd December 2019
11 Dec 2019

Tomorrow, 12th December 2019, the second workshop of the first OCULUS Roadshow in India will take place in Bangalore. First stop was Delhi on 8th Dece... more

OCULUS mourns the loss of Dr Wolfgang Haigis
11 Nov 2019

Dr Wolfgang Haigis, distinguished physicist, passed away on 15 October 2019 at the age of 72 . He was a pioneer of biometry. Without his formula, cata... more

OCULUS Myopia Master®
Logo of Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI)
28 Oct 2019

OCULUS and BHVI (Brien Holden Vision Institute) are pleased to announce an agreement that will see OCULUS incorporate BHVI’s algorithms for tracking a... more

OCULUS workshop at CXL Experts' Meeting 2019 in Zurich
14 Oct 2019

"More knowledge, new possibilities! Keratoconus Progression and Regression - Corneal Biomechanics meets Tomography" is the title of the OCUL... more

The OCULUS Myopia Master® is the world’s first device to combine all the important measurement methods of myopia management: axial length, refraction values and the central corneal radii.
30 Aug 2019

Ushering in a new era, the OCULUS Myopia Master® is the world’s first device to combine all the important measurement methods of myopia management: ax... more

Corvis® ST: Biomechanical Comparison Display
27 Aug 2019

Four new software features will be introduced in the OCULUS Corvis® ST at the ESCRS 2019 in Paris. These updates will further increase the number of c... more

22 Aug 2019

The seminar will take you on a journey into a new biomechanical world – you will gain detailed insight into corneal biomechanical properties. The inte... more

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April 2021

23 - 25 Apr 2021

Helsinki, Finland


May 2021

08 - 14 May 2021

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaiian Eye & Retina 2021

July 2021

23 - 27 Jul 2021

Las Vegas


29 - 31 Jul 2021



August 2021

13 - 15 Aug 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

APGC - 5th Asia-Pacific Glaucoma Congress

27 - 30 Aug 2021

Amsterdam The Netherlands


September 2021

10 - 12 Sep 2021



December 2021

02 - 04 Dec 2021

Prague, Czech Republic


February 2022

25 - 28 Feb 2022

Melbourne, Australia


April 2022

13 - 16 Apr 2022

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Booth 9

June 2022

08 - 11 Jun 2022

Reykjavik, Island


September 2022

01 - 04 Sep 2022

Hamburg, Germany


17 - 21 Sep 2022

Milan, Italy


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