Monocular Examinations 268 221 <a href="us/products/visual-test-equipment/c-quant/highlights/#c1711" >Highlights</a> Reliability Coefficient 560 110 <a href="us/products/visual-test-equipment/c-quant/highlights/#c1712" >Highlights</a>


Straylight Meter for Quantification of Light Scattering in the Eye

With this product development, OCULUS is once again living up to its motto, "We focus on progress". The C-Quant makes it possible to measure the amount of straylight in a human eye individually and reliably. The effect of increased straylight in the human eye can be compared to looking through a dirty windshield.

OCULUS C-Quant with Laptop



The Benefits

  • The C-Quant is computer-controlled, so examination data and results can be saved
  • The examinations are conducted monocularly
  • The inclination angle of the unit can be adjusted to suit the patient’s requirements
  • An instruction phase at the beginning of the examination enables the examiner to determine whether the patient has understood the process
  • Corrective lenses can be inserted
  • At the end of the examination, all of the patient’s answers are shown in the flow chart, together with the result.
  • Reliability indicator for quality control purposes

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