OCULUS Pentacam® AXL

OCULUS Pentacam® AXL

Pentacam® goes IOL

The next generation is here!

The new Pentacam® AXL is a symbiosis of the time-tested Pentacam® technology with completely new, high-precision measurement along the visual axis. Contact-free from the corneal surface to the retina. This compact device offers you a multitude of diverse measuring options:

Pentacam® measurements - The gold standard for measuring and analyzing the anterior segment of the eye - front and back surfaces of the cornea, total corneal refractive power (TCRP) and corneal thickness.

Axial length measurements - The high-precision optical biometer precisely measures the axial length for the IOL power calculation.

Combined measurements: Pentacam® + Axial Length - Both measurements are captured in succession along the same axis, using the same alignment.

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Two Devices in One!

Once measurements are complete, the relevant data including the axial length, K values, anterior chamber depth and corneal diameter are automatically transferred to the IOL calculation software. This eliminates manual processing errors.

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